Michael Carman

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Michael Carman Furniture Wrap

New business, new truck, new wrap! If you are starting a new business and wanting to start it right; make sure you have a dependable vehicle. Most importantly make sure you get a return on your investment by having that vehicle double as a useful mobile billboard. Truth is when you get started most people will not know who you are, what you sell, and what you do. After a week of driving around in a box truck wrap like this one for The Michael Carman Furniture Gallery everyone will know exactly what you stand for. This design was pretty strait forward with great structure, and an obvious plan of visual hierarchy.  We had little fun with the front of the vehicle placing a bold yet elegant sofa on the front as if it was sitting on the cab, and that will surely grab the attention of all that see it. When you are starting a new business it is important to establish your visual presence, because once things get booming it will be harder to take the time to handle those small structural details that mean so much. Thanks Michael Carman!

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