Die Cuts

By September 14, 2016 Vehicle Wraps No Comments
Truck Wrap Deutz2

What are die-cuts? Die-cuts provide a cost-effective alternative when a complete vehicle wrap is not an option. Die-cuts are made of a high quality material, they are weather resistant, and very affordable. Working within a dedicated amount of material set to your price range our design team is able to broaden the vision of what is expected. We utilize the existing color of the vehicle to create a complete looking vehicle design. We are able to print using a full color process, which is great for gradients of colors and shading and complex color combinations.

Deutz choose to use this process because it fit there look and their budget. Die-cuts are great when you have a whole fleet of vehicles like Deutz does. We were able to work with the boundaries provided to create this amazing and unique vehicle. So if you have been reluctant to brand your vehicle, wait no more come in and meet with our staff and get Wrapped Up!

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