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American Honey Bus Wrap

Royal Coach

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Cheers! What do you think about the new look for the Royal Crawl Buses? These turned out nice; a great design on a bold canvas. ARC Transport is a transportation company filling the needs of fun loving people trying to get from point A to point B. If you are wanting to turn it up a notch this summer make sure you contact our friends at Arc Transport. Thanks Arc!

USSD Truck Wrap


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Hiya! We kicked butt on this truck wrap for United Studios of Self Defense. USSD is the largest martial arts school in North America. Since 1968, their students have studied USSD’s unique system of Kempo-style martial arts from the finest instructors in the United States. This truck wrap has bold graphics from top to bottom with bright vivid colors that pop against the black base. If you are thinking about making some changes in life or you just want to get the kids involved make sure you check out our friends at United Studios of Self Defense. Thanks USSD!

Van Wrap Blue Valley

Blue Valley

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Don’t Miss it! Think about it if you passed out blank business cards you would never get a call back from those transactions. The same is true with your vehicle every time you pass a car or a car passes you it is a missed opportunity that you could have informed or persuaded someone to choose your business or organization.

There is much to be said about a great design, but when that design is also created within strict size and money restraints it really is amazing. Using die-cuts like this van wrap design for Blue Valley Construction is one way to make sure your fleet is out there advertising, and making money for your company. When you have a whole fleet of vehicles to wrap; or if you are just looking for an affordable vehicle wrap solution die-cuts can be the way to go. With projects like these we work within your budget and try to get everything we can out of every last inch of material and cent you put in. This summer make sure you give our good friends at Blue Valley Construction and Blue Valley Heating and Cooling a call for all of your household repairs. Thanks Blue Valley!

Superstar Truck Wrap


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That’s shiny! Check out this new truck wrap for Superstar Cycle Center printed on 3M’s silver vinyl. Superstar Cycle Center is the place to go to find the best deal on a pre-owned late model motorcycle, cruiser, or sport bike / street bike. This wrap turned out really nice, because the graphics are enhanced by the brilliance and movement of the silver flakes in the vinyl. This summer make sure you check out our friends at Superstar Cycle Center. Thank Superstar!

FCR Van Wrap


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We’re going to need a bigger lot! FCR Roofing and Construction has added two of these amazing looking rides to their fleet. With the help of our graphic designers we are able to take the previous truck wrap design and fit it to these two new van wraps. Kansas City this summer make sure you give our friends at FCR a call for all of your roofing needs. Thanks FCR!

Digital Ally Boat Wrap

Digital Ally

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Wow! Check out this boat wrap for Digital Ally of Lenexa. Since 2004 Digital Ally has developed and manufactured technology that provides customers with the ultimate liability protection and evidence recording capabilities, coupled with convenience and ease of use. This design provided by Digital Ally is going to blow all the boats out of the water this summer. If you are in need of some digital assistance make sure you visit our friends at Digital Ally. Thanks Digital Ally.

Midos Food Truck Wrap


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Golden! Check out the newest food truck wrap to roll out of Wrap It Up. This amazing design is packed full with subtle treats throughout. The gold and blue compliment each other extremely well. Kansas City when you see this one parked make sure you go and grab a bite. Thanks Mido’s

Reliable Truck Wrap


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Rock Solid! That’s what this truck wrap for Reliable Concrete is. This wrap is going to be a great addition to the fleet of Reliable. Since 1971 Reliable has been in business with the understanding that they treat their customers the way they want to be treated. If you ever find yourself in need of any precast concrete make sure you give our friends at Reliable Concrete a call.

Camo Hummer Wrap


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It’s personal! Often people think that because we work with large businesses  and organizations that we do not do personal projects, and that is false. This Hummer truck is a great example of some of the personal one off projects we do here at Wrap It Up. With this project we wrapped this Hummer in a seamless camouflage print with a matte overlay. So Kansas City stop by and let us wrap you up!

Kitchen Tune Up Wrap

Kitchen Tune-Up

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Out with the old and in with the new! Check out this new truck and trailer combo wrap for Kitchen Tune-Up. This design screams new and modern from miles away, and this is captured with the use of simple shapes and a complimenting color pallet. At Kitchen Tune-Up they have fast & affordable options to get a fresh new look for your kitchen, bath or business. If you are tired of that old kitchen give our friends at Kitchen Tune-Up a call. Thanks Kitchen Tune-Up!

House Max Truck Wrap

House Max

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No logo, no problem! At Wrap It Up we are a complete full service facility. We design, print, and install all in house, and as a result you get a more comprehensive premium product. With this project for House Max our design team was able to give them a complete brand makeover. Our team is well trained in working with you to help you find out what works best for your business. House Max is one of Kansas City’s leaders in home buying.  If you are holding on to a house or property that you are looking to get rid of make sure you give our good friends at House Max a call. Thanks House Max!

Whole Van Wrap

Whole Brewing Co.

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We did it again! This van wrap for Whole Brewing Company is another wrap done for our good friends at Standard Beverage. The minimalist approach turned out really nice. This design utilized the great contrast of jet black and white, and showcased the amazing logo of Whole Brewing Company. This summer when you are feeling parched make sure you try one of the many creations of Whole Brewing Company. Drink Responsibly!