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Wilkerson Crane Wrap

Wilkerson Crane

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Up, up, up, and way! Here is another crane wrap for Wilkerson Crane Rental out of Kansas city. These crane wraps are out of this world with massive graphics, eye popping colors, oh and its on a giant crane. Wilkerson’s operators and managers are all current on best practices and industry certification as well as having 40 plus years of practical experience.When you need help getting a little higher than you are capable of make sure you contact our friends at Wilkerson Crane Rentals. Thanks Wilkerson!

Waggi Wear Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle Wrap Design Tips

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Vehicle Wraps are becoming more popular because people are realizing the tremendous value in a vehicle wraps verses other avenues of marketing. Another reason why people are choosing vehicle wraps is because in addition to advertising: the vinyl wrap protects your investment by keeping your paint fresh and new, which will increase your resale value.

We are all drawn to a unique vehicle wrap design, but what does it take to make one?  A good vehicle wrap is not cheap by no means so it is key that you get your design right. A vehicle wrap is a big feat for your company and organization, and it is important to know some helpful tips that will make your vehicle wrap design a complete success.

Communication is key when it comes to getting everything you want from your vehicle wrap design. At Wrap It Up, you can sit down with an experienced designer and go over every element of your design. During these meetings, you should let them know everything that is vital to your business: Logo, color, slogans, values, achievements, and any other elements that you feel will help the designer grasp an understanding of what you want your wrap design to portray. With communication, it is important that you ask questions and get a feel of what your designer thinks will work. Trust your designer they have vital experience that will surely make your wrap stand out among others.

Planning and measuring is the next key element of a vehicle wrap design. Make sure you bring in your vehicle when you meet with your designer so they can make you aware of any problem areas you may have been unaware of. If you plan on making modifications that may obstruct a certain area, make sure you let them know, so the designer can work around that area avoiding placing vital info there.

With a vehicle wrap it is important that you are clear and concise about what you want to say. This is extremely important when it comes to mobile marketing, because you and your viewers will be traveling over 70 miles an hour. When it comes to designing a moving billboard its key to not overload the viewer with unnecessary visual road blocks. Our design team will draw your viewer in with a unique vehicle wrap design, but will make sure they can easily navigate key elements to your company. You must keep your design simple, although It can be hard because you are very passionate about your business and you want to educate the viewer. Overload of info, or coolness can pull the viewer away from knowing the who, what, and where of your company. I left out when and why because that can easily be found on your website by the where in your design. Pay attention when you are driving and see how hard it is to pull and abundance of information of a billboard or an overly designed vehicle wrap. Over designing will do you a disservice by losing valuable interest in your company, or organization.

At Wrap It Up we mock up the design to your vehicle and allow you to see it from every angle before it is printed. During this time make sure you voice your opinion about the layout and feel of the design. Once the design is confirmed we will print of a color proof so you can see the colors on the actual material that will be placed on your vehicle. We can adjust the color to get you the look and feel that you are comfortable with. Make sure you keep that color proof because with branding constancy is key, and you can have other companies match their colors to your vehicle proof.

Designing a vehicle wrap seems simple, but it is not that simple, because there are many elements to take in account when it comes to a vehicle wrap. With our experienced staff, we will be sure to send your vehicle wrap design down the road of success.

Chiefs Bus Wrap


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Time to Tailgate! You better believe you will see this Kansas City Chiefs party on wheels at your next tailgating event. This bus came in ready to party but after we got a hold of it, it became the Bell of the Ball. With custom decals and officially licensed Chiefs decals applied this bus became the ride of all rides for Sunday. If you want to see how we can kick your project up a notch give use a call. Go Chiefs!

Stonecrest Bus Wrap

Clayton View

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All aboard! Step on up and get a look at this new bus wrap for Stonecrest at Clayton View. This wonderful art was provided by North Point. This is the second of three buses for Stonecrest and each time they turn out more amazing than the first. Stonecest is a industry leader in Assisted Living and Memory Care. Thanks Stonecrest!

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Show your true colors with custom-made vehicle wraps. From branding to racing stripes, we can transform your vehicle into whatever your heart desires. Unless your heart desires a luxury car; we can\’t help you there.

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Box Trucks

Keep your company\’s branding consistent with our box truck wraps. We can help you create a design that will get you noticed and that your clients will remember. Best of all, each of our wraps use eco-solvent inks that are meant to last, so you\’ll have the design until you change your mind.

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With wall wraps from Wrap It Up, you can transform your room into a faux island oasis or plaster your company\’s logo and motto across the walls so everyone knows what you stand for. Make your space your own, from floor to ceiling.

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"Wrap It Up was amazing to work with. 100% Customer service from start to finish. The process was easy. The first thing I liked is I had a face to face meeting with the Wrap It Up team and at this point they really showed they cared about my ideas and then helped build off them. Next they easily communicated by allowing me to have a log in to view the process of my project and approve each design idea before they proceeded. Once I agreed to move forward my Box Truck was done in no time just like we had agreed on. The truck looks amazing and it has only helped grow my business. I highly recommend Wrap It Up and am already using them again."

− Larry

"Phil and the team at Wrap It Up did an amazing job on the artwork for my work truck for Accountable Hardwoods. The service was totally professional, timely, and a pleasure.To show the quality and concern for their customer; We discovered that my artist had sent them a wrong number on our side panels (not sure how we missed that?) but Phil took care of that correction at no cost to us. It wasn't their fault at all but they still fixed it for us.I highly recommend them!"

− Mark

"We recently used Wrap It Up to wrap our 14' box truck with out company logo. I was very happy with the entire process from design to execution. I will definitely be using these guys next time around."

− Chase